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YourStyle® Plus Checking

Upgrade your checking account to get even more, including interest paid on your checking account balances and a bonus interest rate for YourStyle® Plus Money Market balances.

Open a YourStyle Plus account


Earn up to $350.1

Open a new checking account and earn a cash bonus of $350 after completing required activities.

Interest paid on checking account balances.

Bonus Interest Rate for YourStyle® Plus Money Market balances.

YourStyle Perks® with ID Protect®, cell phone protection and mobile couponing.

No Investors Bank fees for using non-Investors ATMs.

Visa® debit card with uChoose Rewards.®



1 Offer is not available to any account owner with an existing personal checking deposit account or conversion of an existing checking deposit account to one of these eligible checking deposit products. Offer is limited to one offer per customer; and is not available to current or active employees of Investors Bank. Bonus is up to $350, $35 per month for 10 months. Reward payments will cease at the earlier of reaching $350 total or 10 consecutive cycles from the date you opened your account. The bonus is considered interest and will be reported on IRS Form 1099-INT. Consult your Tax Advisor. Offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice. 
Monthly Activity Requirements: You must satisfy at least one of the following three (3) activity requirements during a monthly account statement cycle: 
  • You have ACH Direct Deposit(s) to your account totaling $1,000 or more during your monthly account statement cycle. Investors considers direct deposits to be automatic electronic deposits made to your account by someone else. It may not include deposits to your account that are made by an individual using online banking or an internet payment provider; OR 
  • You perform Mobile Check Deposit(s) to your account totaling $1,000 or more during your monthly account statement cycle; OR 
  • You have 10 or more Point-of-Sale (POS) transactions during your monthly account cycle using your Investors Bank Visa® Debit card linked to your account. For this purpose, we count a transaction on the date that it is posted to your account. This date may be different than the date you authorized the transaction using your card, which means a transaction made during one statement cycle may not be considered until the following statement cycle, and; POS transactions include signature debit transactions and debit transactions that require the use of your Personal Identification Number (PIN); it does not include ATM withdrawals.
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Move money fast with Zelle®

Move money in the moment. Zelle makes sending and receiving money fast, safe and easy. Move money securely from your account to someone else’s within a minute with your Investors mobile app.

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YourStyle Perks® — you deserve a checking account with rewards

Get everything you need and more — with extras that make your life easier. Cell phone protection, IDProtect® service, mobile coupons and more.

YourStyle perks
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Helping you save