Investors YourStyle Online Escrow®

Streamline your escrow process.

Get full control to open and close your escrow sub-accounts with our state-of-the-art industry-based escrow solution.


Benefits of Investors YourStyle Online Escrow


Make deposits directly into your Master account via Remote Deposit Capture, a branch deposit, wire and ACH, then allocate funds to individual sub-accounts.

Ease of Use 

When closing an account, the system automatically calculates the closing amount and posts the funds into your Master account.


You can establish different permission levels for your employees. Plus, multi-level access with dual authorization can add security and accounting controls with a complete audit trail.

Yes, a company can have multiple administrators. The bank creates the administrator(s) and provides login credentials.

No, there is no limit to Master Escrow accounts.

No, there is no limit to the number of sub-accounts.

No, they are posting accounts maintained on the YourStyle Online Escrow® platform.

Yes, please contact your local branch or Relationship Manager and they will arrange for a demonstration.