Mobile Check Deposit


Mobile Check Deposit allows you to deposit checks without a trip to the bank or an ATM, anytime, anywhere with your mobile phone and the Investors Mobile Banking app.

Our Mobile Banking app guides you through the process of taking check images with your phone's camera, and the app will provide a confirmation when the deposit has been accepted. The app will not allow you to proceed with images of the check that are not satisfactory, so it’s fail-safe in that sense.

Follow these simple steps to make your deposit:


A. After logging in, tap the “Deposit” button in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

B. Tap “Deposit a check” on the deposit screen.



To begin, endorse the back of the check. Choose your deposit account and enter the check amount. Tap “Take photos” to proceed.



Take photos of the front and back of your check following the on-screen instructions.



After taking the photos, tap the “Make deposit” button. This will confirm the check amount and the correct deposit account. You can check the status of your deposit at any time.



Your deposit status will be shown on the following screen with your mobile check deposit limits.


Frequently asked questions

After the transaction is completed, write “Deposited” or mark the box on the back of the check that states “check here after mobile or remote deposit” along with the date of deposit on the face of the check, and retain the check for two business days or until you see confirmation the deposit has been accepted. You can check the status of your deposit by clicking on “View Mobile Deposit History” in the mobile app’s navigation menu. You will also receive an email and/or text that your deposit was received.

Mobile Check Deposit is free.

Mobile check deposit limits vary by account. Your Mobile Check Deposit limit and limit on number of checks may change daily. You will have a new rolling 30-day period deposit limit. You will also have new limits on the number of checks that can be deposited daily and over a rolling 30-day period. Limits will be displayed on the mobile app.

Yes, you will see your remaining limits after a mobile deposit has been completed or after you key in the check amount prior to check image capture. If the check amount is above your threshold, you will receive an error message with your designated limits.

Dollar limits are determined by several factors, including age of the account, deposit activity, overdraft history and account balance.

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