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fraud prevention

Prevent fraud and keep your accounts secure

Fraud is a constant threat to your business. Help keep your accounts secure with our full suite of fraud protection solutions.

ACH Blocks and Filters

Protect your business against unauthorized transactions with an ability to modify and/or establish your own criteria for allowing ACH debits and credits to post to your accounts.

  • Reduce the risk associated with Automated Clearing House (ACH) fraud
  • Filter transactions based on your business' individual needs
  • Increase controls over unauthorized debits
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ACH Positive Pay

Get the highest level of protection against unauthorized incoming ACH transactions debited from your company’s accounts. You can review and decision ACH debit transactions that do not meet criteria you set on your accounts.

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Check Positive Pay

A solution to help ensure that only authorized payments are made from your business accounts, so you can rest easy knowing that your transaction activity is secure.

  • Checks presented at Investors Bank branches or deposited at other institutions are compared to customer issued-check files for verification
  • Only matching checks are paid automatically
  • Establish a return default if decision deadlines are missed
  • Receive email notifications about suspect items and file transmissions
  • Teller line Positive Pay available
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