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Investment FAQs

Now that Investors Bank is part of Citizens, your investment account serviced by Cetera Investment Services, LLC (Cetera) is transferring to Citizens Securities, Inc. (CSI) on or about August 18, 2022, to the extent that you have not opted out of transferring your investment account from Cetera to CSI. On the transfer date, cash balances and security positions in your current account will be transferred to a new account carried and cleared by National Financial Services (NFS), Citizens’ clearing firm. After the transfer, NFS will send you more information about your account.

While many CSI products, services and fees are comparable to your current investment account, differences do exist.  Here is a summary of some differences.  Please refer to the correspondence mailed in June from Cetera for additional information. Also, depending on your account type, you may have received an investment advisory letter from Citizens in early August.  It is one of several communications you will receive from us as your brokerage or investment advisory accounts are transitioned to Citizens. 

  • Insured Bank Deposit Sweep Program Customers: your balance will be withdrawn, and the funds will be re-deposited into a similar insured bank deposit sweep program offered through Citizens. 
  • Money Market Sweep Customers:  your balance or shares will be transferred to a money market sweep vehicle at Citizens. 
  • Advisory Relationship Customers: your Advisory Agreement and advisory relationship with Cetera will terminate on or about August 18, 2022. Investment Advisory clients were sent a letter in early August; please refer to that letter for more detailed information.
  • IRA Customers: the company that maintains your IRA will change. Effective on or about August 18, 2022, Cetera will resign as the current Custodian and Citizens has agreed to act as successor Custodian. Your IRA will transfer automatically, and the account will retain its tax status and any beneficiary designations. 
  • Mutual Fund or Insurance/Annuity Customers: You remain the owner of record on your account and you will continue to receive statements directly from the mutual fund company or insurance/annuity company at which the account is held. 

After your account transfers, we’re pleased to let you know that your current Financial Advisor will continue to service your account as a Citizens Financial Advisor.  Your Financial Advisor will work with you to ensure your accounts best meet your needs to achieve your financial goals.  Please reach out to your Financial Advisor directly if you have any questions.

Beginning August 23, you’ll be able to access your brokerage, mutual fund, or insurance/annuity account via a combination of Citizens OnlineTM Banking and NFS’ Wealthscape Investor.  Here’s how to access your account online:

  • Enroll in Citizens Online Banking at Click the “Log In” button.  Next to “New to Online Banking?”, click “Enroll Now”. Use your Social Security Number to enroll. Please note: if you try to enroll in before August 23, you will not be able to complete the enrollment process.

  • Once enrolled, login and access your brokerage account details by clicking the Positions, Balances, Activity, or Documents links in the account line.
  • Complete a first-time Wealthscape Investor registration; follow the register link and complete the steps.

  • If you have an annuity, you will see the account in Citizens Online Banking on August 23, but there may be a delay in viewing updated balance information.     

Bank account(s) at Investors will not transfer to Citizens until early 2023.  Until that time, you will not see your bank account(s) in Citizens Online Banking.  For now, continue to access your bank account(s) through Investors Online Banking.  You’ll receive information well in advance of your bank account(s) transferring to Citizens.

If you have an existing bank account at Citizens and you are currently enrolled in Citizens Online Banking, you will not need to re-enroll.  To access your brokerage account, use your existing Citizens Online Banking credentials. Your investment balance information should automatically appear on your Account Summary screen on August 23.

Yes, if you are currently receiving statements, confirmations, tax documents or other correspondence via e-Delivery, Citizens will deliver those same documents via e-Delivery as a part of your new account servicing configuration. 

Please reach out directly to your current Financial Advisor if you have any questions.  If you don’t have your Financial Advisor’s contact information, please call Investors at 855-434-6858.

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