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Treasury management solutions for businesses of all sizes

Simplify account management, streamline payables and receivables, improve reporting, and enhance digital security with our comprehensive suite of treasury management solutions.

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Products & services

ACH & Payables processing

With our payables processing solutions, sending money is safer and more secure than ever. Efficiently process your direct deposit payroll, vendor payments, tax and other payments securely via online banking, file upload or direct send. Access same-day Automated Clearing House (ACH) when you need your funds to get there today, plus same-day reporting and predictable settlements keep your accounts up to date.

Receivables processing

Streamline your company’s receivables and reconciliation processes with our flexible and efficient receivables processing solutions. Converting your business receivables quickly and securely is critical to maximizing your cash flow, improving efficiency and growing your company.

Fraud protection & prevention

Fraud resulting from unauthorized account activity can be costly and damaging to your business. Although cyber threats are now a fact of life, you can help defend your company’s accounts, reduce the need for manual oversight and protect your bottom line with our suite of digital fraud protection and prevention tools.

Liquidity solutions

Our liquidity solutions such as Zero Balance and Commercial Sweep Accounts help you manage the cash in your business accounts by eliminating the need to track balance levels or funding requirements across multiple operating accounts, thus ensuring you’re always getting the maximum benefit on your excess balances.

Information reporting

Timely access to the reporting you need frees up valuable time and ensures your cash flow is optimized. Our range of information-reporting solutions, including multi-bank and EDI reporting, is available through Commercial Online Banking and the Investors commercial mobile apps so you can access the information you need anywhere, anytime.

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