Investors Bank’s Launches Business Exchange Series With the Mind Your Business Radio Show Nov. 28

November 19, 2021
Rob Scheer, Founder/ CEO of Comfort Cases

Short Hills, New Jersey (Nov. 17, 2021) - Investors Bank Chief Culture Officer Dennis Budinich is co-hosting with host Yitzchok Saftlas the first Business Exchange Series show on the Mind Your Business radio program. During the show on Nov. 28, beginning at 10 p.m., Budinich and Saftlas will interview Rob Scheer, founder and CEO of the not-for-profit organization Comfort Cases.

The Mind Your Business radio show can be heard live on 710 WOR-AM radio. Audiences may also listen live on the internet using 710 WOR, iHeartRadio or After broadcasting, the show will be archived and available on popular podcasting channels, including Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, among many others. The YouTube video of the broadcast will be available on 710 WOR Mind Your Business Radio’s channel two to three weeks after broadcast.

Scheer will share with the Mind Your Business audience how he used his expertise gained as a banker and a senior company executive to organize, launch, grow and sustain Comfort Cases. Scheer is recognized as one of the CNN Heroes who show how, with leadership, seemingly impossible things to improve people’s lives may be accomplished. The CNN Heroes, who often have business backgrounds, are supported by teams of individuals who willingly bring their best efforts to the responsibilities in the organizations and causes they support.

Comfort Cases is assisting tens of thousands of children in America’s foster care system. The organization’s mission is to inspire an engaged alliance of people, organizations and corporations to bring dignity and hope to children in foster care through Comfort, Community, Character and Compassion.

Co-hosts Budinich and Saftlas will ask Scheer about:

  • building and mentoring staff and volunteers to create an effective and efficient organization,
  • managing an organization’s or company’s finances and resources,
  • creating alliances with corporate sponsors and companies,
  • the value corporations receive when their employees help worthy not-for-profits, and
  • developing relationships between people who want to devote time and talent to a positive mission that is greater than themselves.

Each day Comfort Cases provides foster care children with knapsacks filled with such essential items as clothes, personal care products, warm blankets, cuddly stuffed animals, books and more. Typically, foster care children carry their few personal items in a black garbage bag. The organization, with its many allies, has provided more than 150,000 knapsacks to children across 14 states and the District of Columbia.

Scheer said, “Our Comfort Cases help children making the often confusing and scary transition to a foster care home. By providing these items in their own knapsack, we’re helping neglected kids develop a sense of dignity, personal worthiness and optimism about their new home lives and, hopefully, a sense of promise.”

Investors Foundation Supports Comfort Cases

The Investors Foundation, a nonprofit organization affiliated with the bank, has provided grant funding to Comfort Cases for a number of years, and teams of bank employees have helped pack the knapsacks donated to children in foster care.

Scheer Works Closely with Frontline Teams

Budinich says, “Scheer is a leader who works closely with staff and volunteers on the frontline of Comfort Care’s operations. In the field, the groups face obstacles together, strive to develop solutions and take actions that help them increase their level of service.”

Investors Bank’s Business Exchange Builds Communities

Investors Bank and Budinich’s team launched the Business Exchange series during the pandemic to serve the business community. The Exchange has presented virtual programs that featured noteworthy experts, authors and business professionals. Hundreds of businesspeople have viewed the presentations, offered comments and regularly attended the sessions.

The Business Exchange series is now expanding its reach by furthering its alliance with the Mind Your Business radio program. The next program to be presented in the Business Exchange series is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 19, and the featured guest is Chip Paillex, founder and president of America’s Grow-a-Row. The nonprofit organization grows fresh fruits and vegetables on its 400-acre farm. This year, the organization will contribute more than two million pounds of produce to food banks from Maine to Virginia.

About Investors Bank:

Investors Bank, headquartered in Short Hills, N.J., is a full-service commercial bank that has been serving customers since 1926. With more than $27.3 billion in assets and a network of more than 150 retail branches, Investors Bank delivers personalized services and products tailored to the needs of its customers. Investors Bank’s banking services include complete deposit, loan and cash management products for consumers and businesses.

About Comfort Cases:

Rob Scheer, founder, and his husband, Reece Scheer, founder, started the not-for-profit Comfort Cases organization in 2013. The Scheer family set out to end the practice of children in foster care using plastic trash bags to carry their belongings to a new home. The nonprofit provides each child entering foster care with a new knapsack that is packed with essential and comfort items. To date, Comfort Cases has assisted more than 150,000 children in foster care. The Scheer family has developed alliances with many corporations, thousands of volunteers and hundreds of communities. Comfort Cases’ website is