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Savings and retirement products built around you

Whether you’re saving for a rainy day or for your golden years, our CD or IRA accounts can help. They're fully FDIC-insured, so you can relax knowing you’re getting a guaranteed rate of return.


  • Lock in at a great rate
  • Open with as low as $500
  • Terms range from 3 months to 5 years
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To prepare for our upcoming conversion to Citizens, we are no longer opening accounts online.  You can visit any Investors branch, or, visit to open accounts.

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CD & IRA benefits

Guaranteed Rate of Return

With our CDs, your money earns a guaranteed rate of return, but penalties may apply for early withdrawal.

FDIC Insurance

Our CDs and IRAs are fully FDIC-Insured.

Low Minimums to Open

Open a CD or IRA account with as little as $500.

Safe Retirement Savings

With none of the risks of other investment products, rest easy knowing your money is growing.

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